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My Journey Into & From infowars

Sometime in 2011 I began to watch and shortly thereafter began to compile a daily synopsis of the radio show to share with others(never a big fan of half measures). It was definitely more interesting than news channels. Foolishly I assumed that if someone is giving you a third side to CNN, et al…it must be legit. However when one realizes that virtually all news has at least a large measure of production and staging, a different take on that news is still worthless. A paid skeptic is not a skeptic at all. There are more than just a couple places that are now pointing out such things as the same crisis actors at staged events.

I still think that it can serve as a triage for waking people up. Although that term has now become so bastardized that it means little to nothing as far as I’m concerned. A big complaint people often gave me about them was the amount of money they make from merchandise. I still don’t see that as a bad thing, with the possible exception of using fear to encourage it’s sales. What you fear, you become. I fear nothing. Somehow my life force has kept me alive this long and understanding that we are infinite consciousness, I find very little to encourage me to enter the fear zone.

It has been my experience that if you choose love and do your best to be an instrument of love and compassion, you will have that returned to you, not necessarily on your time table. But when some organization get’s my money and then I find out dozens of half truths and bold faced lies are the standard operating procedure, I’m going to at least warn others. You show the proof to many and they still can’t believe, even when it’s based on genetic markers, having the same wives and identical children to an entity with sometimes multiple identities.

I was already familiar with much of the police state from the other cointelpro agent Bill Cooper who is not dead but is in fact Rockefeller Jr. Again this has nothing to do with theory, speculation, tin foil hats or conjecture. Just about any idiot knows that 911 was a lie and one of the most spectacular productions of a false flag in recent times. Yet some people want to claim that they were the first to bring it into the open.

My first indication that something was amiss was the story about a community of whole food lovers who had their food destroyed. These were crisis actors or perhaps the descriptive term is something else in a case like that. It blew me away at first and I almost couldn’t believe that it was true.

Although I understand Problem/Reaction/Solution on paper;it’s often difficult to fully grasp in life. Soon after seeing the gaping holes in the alleged attack on raw milk and such things, the pandora’s box of other staged events and fake people began flowing like an exploding beached whale  insides. It’s not my purpose to be vindictive as much as my Sicilian blood might encourage me to do so but rather to give a few clues for you to do your own research, should you desire. In this present epoch, people often don’t put as much value on something that is given to them without the illusion of a federal reserve note being exchanged.

The situation is so much larger than this one business that it’s not healthy for me to dwell on it, aside from once and for all making sure that those who might be interested, understand.

I’m sure that CNN felt above the fray at one time as well but their ratings have become abysmal. The dragon’s tail swishes around at will without concern for who might be in the club or who is foolish enough to think that they are untouchable.

I can’t repeat this often enough…I want people to open up and find their own peace that surpasses understanding, to grasp the plentifulness and beauty in life apart from the matrix. Even though we are being slow killed and many people are little more than zombies with their various obsessions with all things media, some of us have risen above that. Let us be wise as serpents but gentle as lambs in our dealings when possible.