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Breaking Bad-What Was Broken

I haven’t heard anything negative about Breaking Bad, so I will provide some insight. It doesn’t involve the quality or quantity but rather some of the almost subliminal themes that were not exclusive to that show. I don’t know if they hand down New World Order talking points or if the writers just automatically play along.

Anytime Hank was talking about Gale he repeatedly called him out for being vegan and libertarian in a way synonymous with being crazy. This reinforces the false paradigm of left/right politics and for the average mouth breathing TV watcher, their reality.

Chemotherapy has a success rate of 6% at best. But what happens on TV when someone has chemo? It usually works, which reinforces the fraud that is western medicine.

The constitution being displayed on Saul the lawyers wall was another stab at common sense and false nationalism. Whether or not there are any good lawyers as opposed to the character, we can leave for another time. The reality that pop culture, which is as  much White House as it is Mtv, is purposely destroying everything once held sacred, can’t be denied. The implication was clearly that anyone who for any reason mentions the constitution, must be on the fringes of society.

Stevia is the best product to come along in a long time. But that too, had to be made fun of. Processed sugar is a major contributor to health problems and the same goes for aspartame, aminosweet or whatever the hell else they may be calling  the poison that is aspartame this week.

The agenda and coffer for a program of death, sickness and treatment has no limits and can be seen in similar ways in just about everything screen related from Hollywood. The road that leads to independence, imagination and creativity has no sponsors.