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Passing Through

From the time that I was in the third grade until graduating from high school I lived in New Brighton, PA, around thirty miles from Pittsburgh where I was born. I’m amazed at the amount of things that I can remember from those years as opposed to the early nineties for example. Our original house was a rental until the new one was completed. There was no extra expense from the new one for the maddening noise made from aluminum siding whenever the wind blew more than five miles an hour.

The rental was on Silver Springs Lane where people still had horses and big tractors and could undoubtedly run  a trout line. It turned out to be one of my favorite places as I look back. That authentic smell of a countryside with tall grassed fields, patches of oil and gas smells around the barns and sheds and an aura of peace mixed with solitude.

It was during that period that I had a truly paranormal experience. I was riding my bike as I frequently did one day. As I remember it, I may have felt a bit faint before ending up on the shoulder of the road.  I was unconscious for a bit and someone noticed me  and got me home. The next thing I remembered was waking up on the couch. I thought that I might have been hit with a car but nothing went along with that;I don’t even think I suffered a skinned knee. I think of it in the para category because if it was a blackout, it was the first I’d ever had and the last with the exception of a couple party favor induced ones. I have the distinct impression that something transpired during that unknown amount of time that was of a nature transcending our limited orb of accepted reality, which is more of a common and created frequency than anything else. I’m kind of breaking my own quest for ‘logical perfection’ in my description of this event which is ok with me. It’s like when you know something in your heart about someone but don’t have the hard evidence and even if you did most people wouldn’t break through their little egg in the matrix enough to accept the information.

We have some occasional amusement on the book(face) about the frustration with stupid people. I’m never going to be so “spiritual” that I’ll pretend that certain humans aren’t stupid. The majority of the time it’s because they’re demonstrating a cultural meme or lack of interest in anything other than what’s next for dinner. A blatant example is Americans who still think that there is some threat of terrorism which a recent poll showed as being the only area where people approve of Obama, if that’s even true.

I’ve always had a sense of being here but of being a much larger source of experience and light(giving and receiving) that transcended everything else. My spirit sometimes cries for the multilevel genocide, environmental devastation and attacks on our health from every angle possible. But this is what’s on our plates and I for one will not lie down and pretend that it’s not happening but at the same time it will not defeat me or prevent me from growing, learning, transcending, loving, dancing, laughing and finding the good while participating in as many positive ripple effects as possible.