Wolves Clothes Change but Breath Smells the Same

Sometimes I have to articulate something to realize the answer. Earlier in the week I made an observation about a public figure being ok to a certain point. Evidently that person saw what I said because they addressed it the next day. What I realized is that anyone who is popular is going to be dumbing it down at some point. It’s a reality still in this transitional period, at least it seems to be for anyone who uses the visual medium. Whether it’s confirmation bias or seething machismo, I’m reminded again that we are all just human.

The larger revelation being that the more aware and enlightened one becomes, the more likely it is that you would not put anyone on a pedestal. As this person has said, “Hero worship diminishes the hero and you.”

In a related area to this as I see it is the dichotomy between being awake and desiring unity. The coexist graphic is nice and all but how much credibility does unity really have? You wouldn’t try to graft a dead limb back on to a healthy tree would you? It reminds me of how many times a person has already indicted themselves by the way they think they are asking a question filled with presupposition, preconception and judgement.

For me it’s more about finding people with a commonality of purpose. Half measures aren’t enough and never have been. There are always going to be those who jump on whatever the current band wagon seems to be the flavor of the day, sometimes without a single clue as to what they are voicing their support for. There’s just no reason to stay around people whether it be online or in person who are content having formed all their opinions when they were a teen or before. Not  everyone who talks about being open minded knows what it means. And not everyone who talks about being awake knows what it means.

I had more fun at a music festival last summer that I would have thought possible. The one draw back was that they sold it as being somewhat clued into healthy food and not ripping people off. The people who heated the vegetables for a wrap, had them at an ungodly high temperature which completely defeats the purpose as well as using corn based products and GMO rice. Pretty much what you would expect at something like that but don’t say that you’re doing something that you’re not. Is that really so hard to grasp? And three dollars for a small cup of coffee from the cheapest kind of coffee maker.

Those types of group think are annoying to me and I realize it wouldn’t be for everyone. It comes back to knowing yourself above all else because just as you can’t have a healthy relationship without knowing productive self love, you have to admit your own dark side to relate well to others. I only claim to be on the path that works for me and never seek “converts”.


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