Star Date 1986

I was attending a tech school at the time for broadcasting. It wasn’t a waste. I would eventually go on to work for three different stations. In many ways the first was the most fun because it was completely old school with the AM still using 45’s. I got to do a little on both the AM and FM.

On this particular day some classmates and I were traveling to another town. By all accounts it should have been a pleasant experience. There were some other students with us and I always take control when possible, whether it’s spinning the tunes or driving or both. I’m a Leo through and through. In this case I wasn’t the source of the conflicts. It was a sunny day and a little cool.

First, it was a conflict about the radio. Then there was a conflict about the windows or AC because it was still warm enough when we left to  need AC. I guess this day stood out for me because I’m bad about having expectations and when they are blown to bits it’s been known to upset me. I’m sure no one else can relate to that.

I don’t recall all of the other borderline arguments and tensions but I finally just kind of shut down and stopped having an opinion about anything. When we arrived back at the campus, I said, “We’ll all have to get together again sometime and piss each other off.” Humor is probably my main ‘flight’ when it comes to ‘fight or flight’.

The only fight I was ever in was in the fourth grade and I won. I always tried to avoid the kind of mindset and general attitudes that would lead to that behavior. When I got a little older I really didn’t understand how other people acted. The other thing is that if I’m mad enough to fight, I’m mad enough to kill, to be blunt. I’ve seen myself on two different occasions in the orange jumpsuit for a night. It wasn’t for me.


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