I Hate Breaking My Own Rules

The main one on my mind lately is when I talk about ‘people this or that’. It’s not because the observation is invalid or inaccurate but because it’s a diversion of energy that might be better spent on something that I could accomplish. There’s an abundance of reasons to give up hope every day if I let myself. Not enough of a consensus, congress isn’t congress, the agenda is so far advanced it seems like we can do little more than wave a last gasping help for relief as the tidal wave finally crushes us into oblivion.

I’m amazed at the times in my life that others have told me in so many words that I’m not who I’m supposed to be. Teachers, co-workers and the illusions of friendship and family. I could have gone another direction but I decided I’d be more like me than ever. I don’t recall who said this but the gist is that we were created to be individuals and most people spend their lives trying to be copies. I intend this not as self-pity but as encouragement to stand your ground and follow what you know is right. Is that really so hard?

Some of the advice that teachers give to a twelve or fourteen year old is like a ticking time bomb. Most kids that age are going to be rebelling in one way or another and to essentially tell them that they better straighten up and fly right was like putting gas on a fire for me.

Part of me would like to be completely free from the matrix and I’ve made great strides, however you see where we are right now. It’s easy to talk about doing other things besides watching netflix or spending time online, kind of like it’s easy to put on weight and much harder to lose.

Someone recently posted that the beauty and hatred that life has to offer makes them want to scream. I can relate to that a great deal. It seems highly likely that we chose to be living in this time. It baffles me that there are those who still have no knowledge of GMO’s and apparently consider anything that isn’t on CNN as a conspiracy theory.

Another major thorn in my side is when you explain some of these issues like geoengineering to someone and they retort with their infantile idiotic mind,”Well, what can I do?” For one thing you can get off your ass and do some research and at least find supplements and nutrient dense foods to combat what has already been done to you.

Realize that nothing has changed in the Hollywood military industrial complex except the indoctrination is more severe and the methods more invasive than ever before. The earth is at least 20% darker and ignorant sheople will still call it a conspiracy theory. See, I’ve gone in a circle right back to having a problem with the general public. Hopefully it’s clear that the underlying reason for this is that I want people to find truth and fight for their lives. I do get angry and always will as far as I know but the trick is not dwelling on it or letting it affect you in a negative way.

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution


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