Zeeie Notes 2

I was four years old at an event around Brentwood, PA. It was the little expedition of kids who had completed swim training and that sort of thing. My parents always got us right into water safety, which I appreciate. They got a kick out of the fact that upon our arrival at this pool every time, I demanded a trip to “the freshment stand”. When it came my time to jump off of the diving board I became afraid because it was the high dive. All that I needed to do was jump and there was an instructor waiting in the water. When I started to relent and walk back away from the end of the board, the crowd started laughing and it was at that moment that the entertainer in me was born. Of course I got the maximum out of doing that a couple or three times before jumping. Little did anyone know what had just happened.

I imagine that as I started to see the world in a limited way through public school and resenting being told what to do at anytime for any reason, I retreated into what I found joy in…Later that would be  a tape recorder and CB radio. I’ve always loved being a bit devilish and I annoyed some people for a little while by recording their interchanges  and then playing them back while those people were on the air. What a ridiculous craze that was;the general public using CB’s for small talk. I’m pretty sure that it all started from Smoky and The Bandit. They had these things called Coffee Breaks, where you would go meet the people you were chatting with. It didn’t take long to see the fruitlessness of that little excursion. Even in a completely vapid endeavor such as the CB crowd at that time there was a click and pecking order. So and so had the best mic, signal, eager chatters…

It’s kind of funny how in many ways I’m what I always was because you tend to think of how much you’ve changed. Thankfully, there have been plenty of changes, probably one of the most beneficial was and is, the fire to read. I know there’s a lot of great fiction which I delve into mostly online in little spurts. But my love is non-fiction;which I’ve realized in recent years can be full of fiction.  I think perception comes closer to being nine tenths of the law than possession.

A convenience store owner(who hired me)asked me(while looking at my history)”When are you going to decide what you want to do with your life?” I said,” If I  knew that I wouldn’t be sitting here.” I probably wouldn’t get a lot of points in the grace or discretion department but I amuse myself, there the secrets out.

Recommended new music Eleanor Friedburger Personal Record from The Friendly Fires.


This is my first attempt ever at mixing multiple tracks to make something new. I’m not crazy about the very beginning or very end but aside from that I’m fairly pleased.


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