Zeeie Notes 1

With the present absence of a major video platform, my creative side has been suffering a bit. However, it is these sorts of things which I’ve found to be opportunities for personal growth. Don’t you wish sometimes that you could hold onto a moment or period in your life for a little longer than is “allowed”. I guess the GMO beer drinking, sports watching club has that down, however a life long habit devoted to something that has absolutely no meaning and is meant to keep you sedated and easily controlled, isn’t exactly what I’m going for.

People often say about me that I’m smart. That shouldn’t be out of the ordinary but with the massive dumbing down of this country and many others, I suppose it is. I certainly couldn’t prove it on an IQ test because I hate any kind of arbitrary thing like that. Born a rebel till the end…

I find that getting into my 50’s is not the sentence that I imagined. If people are fortunate, they will grow old;not that I’m old yet. By the way, I over use comma’s and tend to write what might be deemed run on sentences. Yes, the English teacher’s did the wrong thing when they told me there was only one way.

I knew it was all mostly(society in general/public school)was a bag of gas before I had the evidence to prove it. I also don’t agree with the rules about not ending sentences with a preposition or adverb. It’s what I do.

As opposed to some of my earlier musings online in various and sundry places, I will attempt to offer truth and worthwhile life experiences as well as observations without doing so from a political or in a duplicitous manner. Those sorts of views are inevitably lost by the reader’s logical fallacies and blatant ignorance(not you)(well maybe).

The short lived Living Colour band had a song called, Information Overload around twenty years ago. That couldn’t be more true today. If you’re not at least a little confused by all the reports(many conflicting), you may not be doing your job correctly.*ding, ding, ding

Write’s write and I do too. It’s very simple to activate yourself, which is to say that I hope for comments and or criticisms


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